A Poem-A-Day Celebration

Throughout the month of April, Alfred A. Knopf and Tumblr are celebrating poetry in this space. So for a steady stream of poetry, follow this blog, read and share the poems, and be sure to submit your own.
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Poem submission by Sarah Malone

On a day of naval thunder
     sailor-whites staring
     through Midtown traffic

     I stopped for powder and a
     perfume the girl who waited
     on me did not know

                                     In the station
office workers hummed away
behind a trumpeter I would have had
                                     to choose
                                     to turn

I was not departing or arriving

now the days to either side
     when I did so many things
     crowd into
     the west I raised my
     window to

that twilight
or another

Sarah Malone’s writing has appeared in Five Chapters, PANK, The Common, The Good Men Project, and elsewhere.

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