A Poem-A-Day Celebration

Throughout the month of April, Alfred A. Knopf and Tumblr are celebrating poetry in this space. So for a steady stream of poetry, follow this blog, read and share the poems, and be sure to submit your own.
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Celebrate poetry with Knopf and Tumblr during the month of April. Submit your poems to the Poem-a-Day Tumblr.

Each day we’ll be highlighting poems on the Poem-a-Day Tumblr from the Tumblr community. Make sure you are logged into Tumblr when you submit. We are specifically highlighting poems from people who are active on Tumblr and run their own Tumblr blogs.

Be sure to include your byline in your post. We will be linking your byline to your tumblr blog.

In addition, we’ll be looking for poets and poems of excellence and striking literary uniqueness, ones that resonate with us and the Tumblr community, to be featured at a Poetry Celebration in New York City on April 23. Selected poems highlighted on this Tumblr blog will be showcased on a projector at the event, and we will be selecting New York City-based poets (most likely 2) to read at the event.

One poem submission per day. Begins April 1, 2012, ends April 30, 2012.